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Mickey and Ian 4x08 (x)

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have you ever talked to someone that youre completely comfortable with and you can just tell them anything you want and they wont judge you for it or they’ll actually make an effort and try to make an interesting conversation about it like you can talk about different kind of sauces or pasta with them for an hour and the conversation will never get boring

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reblogging this until i die.




Fox sleeping in a graveyard.

Makes me wonder about reincarnation

this is seriously so beautiful

i tend to usually fell asleep in graveyards when i need to run to a peaceful place, but this is too beautiful

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yeah man i may wanna bang half the league but i still love the sport

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You know the waitress? I thought I did.

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me digging your grave

My first time on Tumblr, and this was the first gif. As soon as I saw it I knew I was already in to deep.

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"Bipolar, huh?"

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