I’’m fun to flirt with but not to date because I’’m a psychopath. —(via hefuckin)

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this is the single saddest post I have ever seen on tumblr.

I love this so much.

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cause i can feel your heart racing in my skin tight jeans be your teenage dream tonight… let you rest your hands on me in my skin tight jeans be your teenage dream t o n i g h t

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[Favorite TV Character Meme] - Adam Demamp

"I’m sick of beautiful who don’t have to work for their beauty, when I’m over here sweating my balls off for all this beauty."

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The anatomy of Noel Fisher - an infographic. (insp)

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"I never wanted to grow up, and I found a job in which I’m allowed to never grow up and just play all the time."

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i hit rock bottom like every 2 weeks

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how the fuck am i supposed to make life decisions i’m not even sure i want to be alive

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The biggest highs are when you book a job, I always cry…I still can’t quite believe people want to hire me and that this is my job, getting to do what I love most.

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sext: pls settle for me

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dear cas